Dienstag, 18. Juli 2017

Bavarian Summer Show 2017

This Skys Curzin

Shown in Trail, Hunter Under Saddle and Western Riding
for owner Corinne Stern.
Good boy Burberry!

TQ My Mac Chocolate

Shown in Showmanship, Hunter Under Saddle and Trail
by Laura Liebig

Owner: Nicole Fottner-Liebig

My Red Rod Invitation
Shown in Junior Basic Classes
by owner Katrin Beyerle

Flat Good N Gifted
Shown in Trail in Hand by Katrin Beyerle
for owner
Eva Heinzmann

Laura and Eva
our successful youth girls!
Keep up the good work - so proud of you!

TQ My Mac Chocolate
in the Golden Series Trail Finale

Good boy Schoko!

shown by Steffi Busch in Level 1 events.
Good job Steffi showing our black lady.
So proud!

Huntin Dark Chocolate
shown in Western Pleasure Open

and Western Pleasure Novice Amateur and Trail by owner
Julia Moosbrugger.

Good job! You both look so fantastic!